Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Audio-Video Production Q & A on Stackexchange

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I have been using the Stackexchange network of Q&A sites, and I wanted to post about a particular site that is in public beta right now that is in need of new users.

Audio-Video Production Q & A site on the Stackexchange network log

The Audio-Video Production site is for questions about:
  • broadcast, film, audio, music, or location recording techniques
  • editing, mixing, mastering, and distribution
  • post-production techniques
  • signal processing
  • asset management, media, and file formats
  • installation, configuration, and operation of software related to these topics

If you are interested at all in any of these things, please head over to the AVP site and check it out. If you want to check them out on Area51 (the place where new Q&A sites are launched), you can check it out here.

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