Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Apple Store down for updates

The Apple Store is being updated right now... Could this mean they are releasing something?

Update 10:36 PM PST:
Store is still down more than an hour later...

Update 11:24 PM PST:
Cnet and Sam R. Hill have both posted articles suggesting a Mountain Lion release. However, according to the Mac Rumors guide, both the Mac mini and the iMac are due for an upgrade anytime now. Stay tuned for more news...

Update July 18th: False alarm! Looks like Apple was just doing routine maintenance. No Mountain Lion, nothing.

However, I have a theory that Apple took the store down to add all the Mountain Lion stuff in the backend, so that the release will be a surprise, as the store won't go down the night before. All Apple has to do is throw a switch, and boom, Mountain Lion is released. Just a theory...and I'm sticking to it. :-)

Just as a note, I do have bragging rights...as far as I know (unless someone sends me a link), I was the first to post about the store being down....


  1. hopefully the mac mini gets a speed bump!

    1. Maybe so, but I've heard rumors of a Mountain Lion release in the makings...