Thursday, August 11, 2011

How To Make Grooveshark A Stand-Alone Application with Hot Keys, Part 2 of 2 for Mac Users

Click here for the first part of this tutorial.

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1. Download Spark, a free global hot key application for OS X. You pick up a copy here.

Spark logo

2. Once you have installed Spark, launch it. When the Spark window starts up, create a new Applescript hot key by either going to the gear menu in the top left-hand corner and selecting Applescript or by going to File>New HotKey>Applescript

Spark: Gear Menu>New Hotkey>Applescript

Spark: File>New Hotkey>Applescript /></span></a></div>
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3. Enter this information in the setup window that slides down:
1. Shortcut: ⌃⌘⌥ F8 (you can change this to anything)
2. Name: Play/Pause Grooveshark (again, you can change this name to anything)
3. Down in the text area, enter this:
     do shell script "curl http://localhost:8800/play"
(Note: If you changed the default port number in keySharky, the port number in the hot key preferences needs to be changed too.)

4. Repeat for all other hot key commands that you want. See below for all the keySharky commands.

5. Also, make sure that the Spark daemon has been started, otherwise your hot keys will not work. The "Start Spark Daemon" button is at the very bottom in the center of the Spark window.

Start Spark daemon

This is a list of all the keySharky commands. To change the hot key command, change the URL in the hot key preferences.

Play/Pause current song:

Stop playing current song:

Select previous song in playlist:

Select next song in playlist:

Favorite current song:

Vote up current song:

Vote down current song:

Clear vote of current song:

Toggle mute (>= version 1.5.2):

Decrease volume (>= version 1.5.2):

Increase volume (>= version 1.5.2):

Replace "PORT" with whatever port number you chose in the keySharky preferences.

The API server has access to every keyboard shortcut toggle in keySharky, so you can play, stop, select next song etc. easily with one of the above methods.

You are done setting up your Grooveshark application!! Thank you for using this tutorial and please follow my blog if you liked it.

-- Matthew


  1. Pretty nifty! Did you write all these yourself? Pretty good!

  2. I rewrote another tutorial so that all the instructions are in one place, but I did write the whole tutorial from scratch.